1. DarwinRoot

    Guide How to update BaseNetworkable and Offsets in Rust

    In this video, you will learn how to update BaseNetworkable and Offsets in the Rust game using the Il2cppDumper and Dnspy programs Il2cppDumper: DnSpy:
  2. Question I am still crashing after changing to client.dll

    I crash every time i take up an AWP or a Sniper... The game works fine until I use a sniper.
  3. Dash

    Question Offsets for Xy0

    can i have offsets on Xy0 and still wanted to would to know where their get
  4. Dash

    how to update offsets in Xy0?

    where is located someone HELP ME pls 2019.10.10
  5. DREDD

    Article Apex Offsets, Struct

    Useful repositories: wrappers::target_pid = util::get_process_id("r5apex.exe"); const auto base_address = wrappers::get_base_address(); const auto entity_list = util::resolve_pattern(...
  6. DREDD

    Article PUBG Struct, Offsets and more

    Hi everyone, in this topic I will publish information about structures, offset, etc. Possibly, I will try to post new information, if you need it of course. 01.05 uint64_t tsl_decrypt_uworld(uint64_t a1) { unsigned __int64 v1; unsigned int v2; unsigned int v3; unsigned int v4...