1. Source Onetap V1 Source leak

    Have fun with it *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  2. inspectortrapget

    JS script OTC3 Cord - Free OTV3 script. Has more then 60 features!

    OTC3 Cord is a free fully featured script that has lot of interesting things inside! Fakeduck that works on official servers, Buy List, FPS Boost and much more. There's more then 60 features and also no obfuscation so you can take some of them into your scripts.
  3. inspectortrapget

    ❤️ Bloodmoney ❤️ Onetap V3 Config. Download free OTC V3 config!

    Another one free Onetap V3 config for you guys! There's also lot of scripts in that archive so it definitely worth your attention.
  4. inspectortrapget

    [OTC V3] 💜 Purpura 💜 HvH Config. Download free HvH config for Onetap V3

    Config was made by enQ so all credits goes to him Purpura is a config for Onetap Crack (OTC V3) that has beautiful visuals and nice HvH settings.
  5. inspectortrapget

    JS script YOUTUBER CFG PACK Leaked. Paid configs and scripts for OTV4 (Daered, Thermite, Resense)

    This is a leaked cfg pack that contains lot of configs and scripts for Onetap V4. There's a paid configs that was selling by some HvH youtubers such as daered, thermite, kanape, karma and much more!
  6. LukqqS

    Onetap Original (v4) OTC V3 / Scout / Auto / AWP - HvH Config

    Leave a like if u can <3 ---------------------------------------------- HvH Config Last stats with scout - 23 / 8 16 / 10 13 / 1 Last stats with Auto - 15 / 3 Last stats with AWP - 16 / 0
  7. onetapv3

    cfg to onetapv3 hvh best
  8. Onetap Original (v4) Legit CFG OTC v3

    This is my OTC v3 legit config its pretty ok tell me if u like it Heres the download link>:
  9. tmsh1337

    Onetap Original (v4) Free V3 config.

    Free config on onetap v3. Download - *tap* Have a nice game :)
  10. Onetap Original (v4) [OTC3]looking for force safepoint js

    i need force safepoint because im missing head because of anti brute
  11. hxa3matej

    Fix onetap v3 crack

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***🔴🔴🔴⭕⚠No Rat-No Malwares-No virus⚠⭕🔴🔴🔴 -🛑HvH 8.9/10🛑 ------💥Resolver 9/10 ------♻AA 8/10 ------▶◼Fake Lag▶◼ -✅Legit Tab 5/10🤢🤮 ------ i would Recomend 💙Osiris💙 For Legit/closet Cheating🟢🟢🟢...
  12. hxa3matej

    Crack Onetap v3 crack download free config

    Best free config
  13. Onetap Original (v4) [OTCv3] Scout config for 1tapping

    u can add dodge brute and low delata js so ppl with scout will miss more leave a like plz
  14. Onetap Original (v4) 577777 Premium Unhittable Configs Leaked + Javascripts

    The best configs on the market leaked, download and own HvH. 577777 Configs + JS
  15. Onetap Original (v4) closed

  16. Onetap v4 cfg

    Someone ot v4 good hvh cfg?
  17. Onetap Original (v4) OTC cfg pack for hvh

    Here are some cfg`s, i think WrathFury.cfg is the best in my opinion
  18. Satan1337

    Onetap Original (v4) [HOT] Best OT V3 Crack config | P100 Doubletap

    There u go guys please like my thread ^^ Edit : Sry guys i accidentaly removed the file there u go again ^^
  19. Jumaron

    Crack V3 Crack

    Yes it got cracked credits to yougame. Download for HvH Legends -> Download for NN ->
  20. dopar

    Onetap Original (v4) Pack with 869 configs for Onetap (and crack)

    good luck!:devilish: