1. JUUZO

    lw crashed

    updated the patterns and didn't do anything else. The guides on deleting lines in main.cpp do not help. It took off only when entering the map, everything is fine in the menu.
  2. bruhfattt

    Question Would anyone out here there help me paste osiris backtrack into this cheat?

    Title explains it all. Im new so i dont know much about pasting features, since they're made to work with another cheat they have to be made to work with a different cheat. Im sorta just doing an experiment with pasting. I might not see the replies to this, so heres my discord: milu#9999
  3. Is worth it?

    Hey guys, I started HvH around a month ago and I really like it. I use otc v3 that I found on a random discord. I would like to step it up, and I'm not getting one if it don't have lifetime, so no onetap. I am thinking about but I'm not sure as there's not much on the internet...
  4. shafrooll

    Help good Chams Desync no Flick

    wanted a code where the chams is stopped with the fake and is not flicking
  5. kosix

    Question source

    who can give the menu items under xy0 settings
  6. i want to start pasting

    ik what to do but all the totorials dont say oh yea u need thease modifications i have tried now for a good 2 hours to get all the things i need but cant get them so for pasting whats the usual thinghs you need like version build tools list goes on [SOLVED]
  7. Dash

    how to update offsets in Xy0?

    where is located someone HELP ME pls 2019.10.10
  8. lilpeep55

    Ontap crack menu not showing up correctly

    My friend wants to use onetap crack, but the menu is only a gary ractangle. Please let me know if you know how to fix it! Thanks.