1. inspectortrapget

    JS script OTC3 Cord - Free OTV3 script. Has more then 60 features!

    OTC3 Cord is a free fully featured script that has lot of interesting things inside! Fakeduck that works on official servers, Buy List, FPS Boost and much more. There's more then 60 features and also no obfuscation so you can take some of them into your scripts.
  2. inspectortrapget

    Neverlose V2 CFG for OTC V3. Free Onetap Crack configs and scripts!

    Small addition for this thread. This archive has a scripts, config and everything else to make your OTC looks almost like Neverlose V2.
  3. inspectortrapget

    ❤️ Bloodmoney ❤️ Onetap V3 Config. Download free OTC V3 config!

    Another one free Onetap V3 config for you guys! There's also lot of scripts in that archive so it definitely worth your attention.
  4. inspectortrapget

    [OTC V3] 💜 Purpura 💜 HvH Config. Download free HvH config for Onetap V3

    Config was made by enQ so all credits goes to him Purpura is a config for Onetap Crack (OTC V3) that has beautiful visuals and nice HvH settings.
  5. tmsh1337

    Onetap Original (v4) Free V3 config.

    Free config on onetap v3. Download - *tap* Have a nice game :)
  6. Onetap Original (v4) [OTC3]looking for force safepoint js

    i need force safepoint because im missing head because of anti brute
  7. Onetap Original (v4) [OTCv3] Scout config for 1tapping

    u can add dodge brute and low delata js so ppl with scout will miss more leave a like plz
  8. Onetap Original (v4) closed

  9. dopar

    Onetap Original (v4) Pack with 869 configs for Onetap (and crack)

    good luck!:devilish:
  10. hello who have cfg for hvh ?

    who can give me cfg ?
  11. HvH Config by BHOP

    bhops hvh config.
  12. Striker673

    Osiris CFG Pack

    Hello, Since i stopped using Osiris (because of OTC) i will be sharing my configs: Striker(Legit) Striker Semi-Rage Striker Semi-Rage DZ Striker Closet-Rage Striker Rage I want to remind you all - Osiris is mainly used for legit and not for rage...
  13. kortex

    My Osiris legit configs

    This are my Osiris legit configs. They are pretty legit , if i dont want to get callout as cheater disable the backtrack and no one will notice. Hope u guys like it and give me some feedback.
  14. Crack CSGO fixed onetap v2

    the guy who fixed the file: and his discord: all is in my discord: (also theres good config(s) my discord: AirForce#3399
  15. Undetected The Best hvh Cheats 2020

    Download The Best Cheats For 2020 - SS -
  16. mrjordan

    Configs and Lua for

    Config Download pass- mrjordan Lua Download *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  17. Ev7Cheats

    -Xane's Latest Aimware Config- LEAK BY EV7CHEATS

    XANES AIMWARE CONFIG Got it from a big friend from him. Leave a like <3 Download:
  18. Ev7Cheats

    Onetap Original (v4) -Lucky Onetap Config- [12.08.2019]

    LUCKYS ONETAP CONFIG 12.08.2019 Download: Leave a Like
  19. pixelroll

    PPHUD Legit Config by pixelroll

    I drop my legit config ! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Enjoy !!!
  20. Question help me

    Someone have a legit config for the new pphud? please?