1. KennySpag

    Source Fatest.xyz Source | Completely Recoded XYO! | ImGui Menu | Paid Cheat

    Sup bois, I'm back with another XYO source leak. However, this is a legitimately good source this time. This was a paid cheat that I was being paid to advertise. Its actually pretty good for a XYO based cheat. I can pretty much always go positive. List of Recoded Features: -Menu (ImGui based...
  2. Collapse

    Source geminisoftware with fatality.win menu

    Hello, so i decided to release my selfcoded fatality menu for xyo/geminisoftware My Discord: Collapse#9278 DM me if u need any help I did add little antipaste. Look into source and try to find :)) Hint: ctr+f anti paste Like would be appreciated :)))
  3. Source prismatic.win v5 source leak

    so one of zprisms pasters gave this to me and i dont give a fuck about the source so have fun (the most recent prismatic) https://anonfile.com/78N2a769n5/Prismatic_V5_Source_rar no hide because people are gonna rename paste anyway so why slow them down i dont give a fuck about leeching so...
  4. richard1337

    [XY0 recode] hvh config

    Enjoy, hitting p! Config path is %appdata%/xyo/ Showcase:
  5. Planty

    Use at own risk StickRPG XYO merged

    Its a pretty p cheat if you cfg it right, basically xyo with more features such as stickrpg aimbot, Rifk Visuals and a bunch of other shit, Have fun DLL: https://anonymousfiles.io/Ll0QZOWK/ Virus Total...