1. Undetected External Trigger Bot

    Hi i'm sharing a tool that i personnaly use on Valorant [DESC FROM WHERE I FOUND THE TOOL] I found a great cheat script for the game VALORANT with which you can adjust your shooting and make it much more accurate than your opponents. This is a great cheat for which you will not get a ban...
  2. inspectortrapget

    Undetected Valorant Pixel Triggerbot. Download free Valorant cheat

    This is reworked version of immortal triggerbot for Valorant Currently Undetected (On 28 Feb 2021) Virus Total
  3. inspectortrapget

    Undetected External CS:GO Multihack. Download free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat

    Simple external multihack for CS:GO. Status: Undetected Virus Total for VAMemory.dll Virus Total for Discord.exe
  4. Question i need one help with my triggerbot

    so, my triggerbot is missing almost all shots when enemy is running or jumping and some when is standing. idk how to fix, i already tried delay and hitchance but that doesn't fix my problem. the code of my triggerbot -> i'm using CSGOSimple; (sorry for my bad...