stickrpghook antario

  1. trollfaceman5

    Guide Automatic ResetScore (hvh servers)

    This will reset your score automatically as soon as you die. Put this in your FireGameEvent hook. if (!strcmp(name, "player_death")) { const auto attacker = g_pEngine->GetPlayerForUserID(event->GetInt("attacker")); const auto userid =...
  2. vacc

    Use at own risk Jugiboy's Stickrpghook

    Download -!snYnAAYS!pQFK8ZRiwiSGVqs77_b-gsHx7X7Z3ml5QapFWRQ-It4 VT - Media -
  3. Planty

    Use at own risk StickRPG XYO merged

    Its a pretty p cheat if you cfg it right, basically xyo with more features such as stickrpg aimbot, Rifk Visuals and a bunch of other shit, Have fun DLL: Virus Total...
  4. DREDD

    Source Download source CS:GO — Stickrpghook Antario

    Stickrpghook Antario FF Source