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    This cheat is for I don't have any menu pictures but here is the source code use it for pasting or anything else I pasted from this but ended up recoding a whole new menu and options ENJOY also idk if the source is already on here...
  2. inspectortrapget

    Source Singlefile — Internal CS:GO Cheat. Download free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat source

    Singlefile — Cheat's name speaks for itself. Yep, there's 853 lines of code in one file and it is fully featured Counter-Strike: Global Offensive internal cheat. Status: Unknown (Untested on secure servers) Github
  3. inspectortrapget

    Source Simple Legit CS:GO cheat source. Download CS:GO cheat source code

    Simple legit cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Status: Undetected. [/SPOILER]
  4. inspectortrapget

    Source NaCl — Open Source Team Fortress 2 cheat. Download TF2 cheat source code

    Open-Source Team Fortress 2 cheat. It also compatible with other Source based games such as CS:S, DoD:S, HL1:Source, HL2: Deathmatch, but most of the features is for Team Fortress 2 only. The cheat is currently detected so you need to add some junk into a source or protect the dll to make it...
  5. inspectortrapget

    Source BFV Cheat Source Code. Download Battlefield V open-source cheat

    Battlefield V cheat source code It is probably outdated so you need to update offsets to make it work This cheat does not support fullscreen mode so you may use windowed or windowed borderless This cheat does not support raw mouse input so you may disable it in game settings You need to...
  6. inspectortrapget

    Source Battlefield V Open-Source cheat. Download Battlefield 5 cheat source

    Source code of Battlefield V cheat. Fully external, written on C++ Known bugs and important things: Cheat is probably outdated, so you need to update it for last game update Cheat doesn't work in fullscreen mode, so you need to use windowed borderless or windowed modes You need to inject...
  7. inspectortrapget

    Source ENRAGE.GG Leaked

    Leaked source code of ENRAGE.GG All credits goes to KuCJLoTa1337 Source code Compiled dll Virus Total
  8. OfficialZapy

    Source Munity source code

    Hi guys, im releasing munity's source code cuz the dev said: ok bro go ahead Also there are some sdk addons u can use for any cheat Also also please dont sell pastes its gay Munity: Decryption key: 19n6QNfRh8xzhBXPrsk2UYNOVwiyynvl4SEizTanCkY
  9. Quendi

    Undetected INFOCHEATS.NET injector [08.06.2020]

    Infocheats Injector — uses manualmap injection method which allows use different unprotected DLL's. This injector has simply UI and should be easy to understand for the common user. How to use: The DLL must be in the same folder as the injector. Open an inject when the game is open. Enter...
  10. Question Dll to Source

    Hello i was wondering how to see and edit dlls source code Is there some way to do it?
  11. Use at own risk xy0 Source + DLL -- Updated 24.3.2020 (DOWNLOAD)

    You might see stuff about some "Tapcore". Basically it was a paste I was making. Here is the download! Virustotal: Detection - DLL Engines Detected - 24 / 70 Those are false positives. This is not a virus. I included the source so you can look that its not a virus.