1. inspectortrapget

    JS script OTV4 Keybinds & Watermark for OTC

    Keybinds and watermark in Onetap V4 style for Onetap Crack (Onetap V3) Script doesn't have obfuscation so you can take it and use in your scripts!
  2. inspectortrapget

    JS script OTC3 Cord - Free OTV3 script. Has more then 60 features!

    OTC3 Cord is a free fully featured script that has lot of interesting things inside! Fakeduck that works on official servers, Buy List, FPS Boost and much more. There's more then 60 features and also no obfuscation so you can take some of them into your scripts.

    Hi, I am in need of a gun for hire. I need a fully private game cheat for rust, any reskins of other cheats like diablo or infinity wont work. Im willing to pay handsomely. Cheat will be used by 3-5 people, very infrequently as we can all spray ak, and have a brain. Nonetheless must be willing...
  4. inspectortrapget

    ❤️ Bloodmoney ❤️ Onetap V3 Config. Download free OTC V3 config!

    Another one free Onetap V3 config for you guys! There's also lot of scripts in that archive so it definitely worth your attention.
  5. inspectortrapget

    Undetected Logitech No-Recoil script for Valorant. Download free Valorant No-Recoil script

    Hello everyone! This is an old script for Valorant that's mean to be used only for Logitech mouses (that supports scripts). So since the script do not interact with the game process this is fully undetected. It works best with Bulldog, Vandal and Phantom.
  6. Vindeta

    Outdated /del

  7. Sudders


    User name: Sudders Product name: UNDETECTED LIFETIME NO RECOIL RUST SCRIPT Price: £10 Payment details: Paypal or Bank transfer Discord: Sudders#9110 Additional information: This is an undetected no recoil script for rust! I have used this for about 300 hours of gameplay and no ban.
  8. DREDD

    Use at own risk G37OBS - OBS-Studio plugin for CS:GO

    Description: OBS-Studio plugin for CSGO with which you can ... Features: Recoil Control System. Aimbot. Triggerbot. Glow ESP. Radar. Interfaces/Virtual Tables. NetVars/Offsets. ConVars. OBS-Studio game handle. Silent load. Requirement: OBS-Studio, Windows 7 64bit and later. How to use: Watch...