1. FloppaASK

    Undetected FloppaBOT [Discord Self-Bot Injection]

    Hey! I've had this self-bot for a good while, only thing that can 'rate-limit' you is the 'rainbow-role' feature. (there's not much I can do about that). Apart from that, the bot is completely safe and undetected. We do not currently have a discord, but maybe soon. If we do create one I'll be...
  2. Hey Guys, New csgo Cheat [Updated]look here <3

    Hey, M0rpheus Link, A new csgo cheat, will get soon released. The forum need to be active thats why not privat. will be able only 50 slots active sub A rage Cheat After 100 users will be privat and only Invite The Cheat what we made is for fun and not for money The prices will be low...
  3. DREDD

    Source Some functions for PUBG Lite [Lua]

    No recoil function WriteSignatures(targetSignature, overrideSignature, codePage) local byteLine = overrideSignature:gsub("%w+", "0x%0,"):sub(1,-2) local results = AOBScan(targetSignature, codePage) if (results == nil) then return end for i = 0, results.Count-1 do local address =...