1. inspectortrapget

    Guide Prime Status Farming Method. Fully automated wingman bot

    This is a bot that allows you to automatically farm EXP in wingman mode, good alternative for vertigo boosting. You only need to run it once and bot will do everything for you: create a lobby, select maps and accept the match. The game will always end up in 8-8 so all of your accounts will gain...
  2. inspectortrapget

    Use at own risk CS:GO Troll Tool

    CSGO Troll is a simple tool that allows you to change your rank, level or prime status. It's only visual but other people in lobby will see it. You can't actually queue for higher ranks. How to use? 1. Launch CS:GO 2. Then open CSGO Troll.exe 3. Use console commands to manage your...
  3. DREDD

    Article CS:GO — Fake Prime lobby

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