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  1. Major Laser

    PPHUD Rage cfg for PPHUD(last update - 10.06.2019) PPHUD V1 - Outdated

    Made a good rage cfg for PPHUD FREE, go use:cmonbruh: Next update - i don't know settings: SSG - Body scout SCAR - good kills Pistols(dual) - Medium [/SPOILER] By Major Laser1️⃣3️⃣3️⃣7️⃣
  2. mooreplease1

    Here's My Legit Config

    Tell me how you rate this. I just use it in MM for the meme. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nwLHbARXbXJ4yU27uTUeCYxw245QFLS/view
  3. PPHUD .

  4. richard1337

    PPHUD Legit Config - Small adjustments (05/08/19)

    Just a small legit config - Smooth aim on head - Draw FOV - Nade predict - Visuals: Only changed color of enemies models so you can see them better Playing with latest update and config since days, didn't get banned yet. Download the Config: External Download (Infocheats didn't allow me to...
  5. Antanelis

    I had to Post This somewhere Cuz i need help ok?

    Help Me I inject the cheat (PPhud) and when i press insert its just invisible window of the cheat how to fix it pls :(
  6. PPHUD PPHUD "ACTOR" Config support 14.04.2019 PPHUD FREE

    Hey guys! Become a good actor.And avoid "Overwatch"! include legit.ini rage.ini and skinchange config https://mega.nz/#!HiYjQaBT!ApfjLq3vQxCQeKwE1r5QLadufL2maTnqpGpbepapk5E
  7. PPHUD PPHUD Free [31.03.2019] "Legit" config

    Hello everyone, there is my own "legit" config for last PPHUD Free update (v31.03.2019) by @Ozelotick I Will update the config when it get new updates. This is the first config i do, so, if someone have an idea of how to do this config better, say it. And sorry for my english, im a spanish guy...
  8. Outdated PPHUD Free (V2)

    Hi everybody, i'm officially releasing my cheat for EU community Norman is no longer updating my cheat on YouTube, and i release my cheat here Features: -Ragebot -Legitbot -Triggerbot -Visuals -Skins -Misc Screenshot: Change log: [/SPOILER] How to use: 1) Download and unzip 2) Start...