pphud config

  1. Helplol

    Question Can anyone give me some PPHUD cfgs (RAGE&HVH) V2

    Can anyone give me UPDATED V2 (rage&HVH) cfgs. I had a HVH cfg and it doesn't work, so if anyone can give me their Rage or HVH cfgs. :) Thank u
  2. PPHUD Free Ultra legit config

    I need an ultra legit config. What should be the backtrack settings? Search me. Master, help whoever knows .
  3. Synx

    PPHUD Legit & Semi-Legit configs

    Full-Legit: My personal legit cheating config for NonPrime [Low Backtrack, No walls] Legit: Semi-Obvious [ 12 Tick Backtrack, Walls ] Sorry for the amount of days, Want it to be for the people that have been here for 1 month or more, After a while I might change it. *** Hidden text: You do...
  4. Question help me

    Someone have a legit config for the new pphud? please?
  5. Major Laser

    PPHUD Rage cfg for PPHUD(last update - 10.06.2019) PPHUD V1 - Outdated

    Made a good rage cfg for PPHUD FREE, go use:cmonbruh: Next update - i don't know settings: SSG - Body scout SCAR - good kills Pistols(dual) - Medium [/SPOILER] By Major Laser1️⃣3️⃣3️⃣7️⃣
  6. mooreplease1

    Here's My Legit Config

    Tell me how you rate this. I just use it in MM for the meme. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nwLHbARXbXJ4yU27uTUeCYxw245QFLS/view
  7. PPHUD .