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  2. OTC (v3) OTC3 cfg

    Beast cfg otc3
  3. cfg otcv3

    use auto
  4. inspectortrapget

    [OTC V3] 💜 Purpura 💜 HvH Config. Download free HvH config for Onetap V3

    Config was made by enQ so all credits goes to him Purpura is a config for Onetap Crack (OTC V3) that has beautiful visuals and nice HvH settings.
  5. otc cfg

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  6. LukqqS

    Onetap Original (v4) OTC V3 / Scout / Auto / AWP - HvH Config

    Leave a like if u can <3 https://anonfiles.com/l4R27a63q3/sct_cfg ---------------------------------------------- HvH Config Last stats with scout - 23 / 8 16 / 10 13 / 1 Last stats with Auto - 15 / 3 Last stats with AWP - 16 / 0
  7. Onetap Original (v4) [OTC3]looking for force safepoint js

    i need force safepoint because im missing head because of anti brute
  8. mostafa1377

    Onetap Original (v4) OTC Onetap Crack V3

    OTC Onetap Crack V3 CFG Config in description
  9. Onetap Original (v4) [P100] My Own CFG (gimme like please for this config <3)

  10. impala_

    Onetap Original (v4) updated SkeetDT for OTC | leak

    wassup I leak it because Snefix fucking idiot 9:7 bot (snefix) owned by scrltt *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***