1. inspectortrapget

    Undetected Osiris - Free CS:GO Cheat. Download cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free!

    Osiris is a popular free and open-source internal Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat. It is actively used as a base for many other free cheats. Here you can find source code and compiled cheat DLL below. Status: Undetected Source Code Virus Total for Binary
  2. bruhfattt

    Question Would anyone out here there help me paste osiris backtrack into this cheat?

    Title explains it all. Im new so i dont know much about pasting features, since they're made to work with another cheat they have to be made to work with a different cheat. Im sorta just doing an experiment with pasting. I might not see the replies to this, so heres my discord: milu#9999
  3. alperenguner


    I use this cfg package in Osiris, hope you like it. I did it for one ssg and one for general weapons. VT: https://bit.ly/3tJ4MVV
  4. Undetected Osiris Own Paste with 600ms Backtrack

    Features: Aimbot (better with triggerbot) Anti Aim TriggerBot (inbuilded legitaa resolver) Backtrack(own) Glow Chams (backtrack chams is not show the real backtrack cham) ESP Visuals SkinChanger Sound(Changer) Misc ReportBot *How To Use* 1. Unzip the files in a folder (all 3 files) 2...
  5. Striker673

    Osiris CFG Pack

    Hello, Since i stopped using Osiris (because of OTC) i will be sharing my configs: Striker(Legit) Striker Semi-Rage Striker Semi-Rage DZ Striker Closet-Rage Striker Rage https://anonfile.com/v0F803yfo7/OsirisCFGs_zip I want to remind you all - Osiris is mainly used for legit and not for rage...
  6. Heily

    Undetected zeshoware - FREE HVH CHEAT

    Buy cheat: http://zeshoware.kl.com.ua/ (write to group) *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***