open source

  1. inspectortrapget

    Undetected CS:GO Fake Opening. Fake your openings!

    Fake crates opening for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This tool allows you to choose, create and open unlimited crates and capsules by using created key, you can also manage fake opening chances (knife chances, stattrak chances, factory new chances). It is only visual, so you will not...
  2. Synx

    Source Sensum | Best opensource Legit cheat

    (Title is my opinion) Sensum Source: [I'm not going to be like other people and put a mediafire] Sensum Discord: [is putting a discord link against rules?] Sensum is a good legit cheat for CS:GO Nonprime [or even prime if you're...
  3. effex

    NSLoader decent open source c# loader

    Good stuff about it: its got a decent security for open src loader works with mybb, invision board and raw mysql. Its an open source loader made by my friend Gtihub : (outdated cuz hes a lazy fag to upload) Recoded source : *** Hidden text: You do not have...