1. Question How to fix it please help

    How i can fix this error :pls help idk coding here my code: namespace variables { bool thirdperson; } if (variables ::thirdperson) { if (Interfaces::Engine->IsInGame()) { if (hackManager.pLocal()) { //Vector vecAngles...
  2. Is worth it?

    Hey guys, I started HvH around a month ago and I really like it. I use otc v3 that I found on a random discord. I would like to step it up, and I'm not getting one if it don't have lifetime, so no onetap. I am thinking about but I'm not sure as there's not much on the internet...
  3. i want destroy League of Legends whit cheats who can help me?

  4. can anyone help me with adding doubleletap?

    in the attachment I put the source. I will be grateful for any help. My attempts, unfortunately, ended failure. Good luck
  5. Akatsuki

    Question Autorevolver for hades

    So, i have onetap autorevolver source: void c_ragebot::revolver(usercmd_t* cmd, C_BasePlayer* local, C_BaseCombatWeapon* weapon, bool& send_packet) { static auto r8cock_flag = true; static auto r8cock_time = 0.0f; if (/*csgo.engine()->IsActiveApp() &&*/...