1. [LEAK] - Lucifer Self-Bot Cracked (20€ Self-Bot in Python)

    Hello, I know this is not a CSGO Cheat, but i didn't found anywhere better to put it,hope you enjoy. You can use UnPyarmor to get the Source: https://github.com/nlscc/unpyarmor Please Leave a like if you enjoy Note: Infocheats Staff Team, Please move/remove this Thread if i can't post it here
  2. EnScapeZ

    Source Notorious.club / Spectral.pw

    Hey today i am going to leak some pasted source for a cheat named spectral.pw or maybe notoriouss.club i dont know anymore they changed the names i think and they are going to sell for their forum invites. Have fun with the source ! (btw. its an legendware paste) *** Hidden text: You do not...
  3. Ev7Cheats

    -Xane's Latest Aimware Config- LEAK BY EV7CHEATS

    XANES AIMWARE CONFIG Got it from a big friend from him. Leave a like <3 Download: https://anonfile.com/z3u4o7E6ne/Xanehvh
  4. Ev7Cheats

    Onetap Original (v4) -Lucky Onetap Config- [12.08.2019]

    LUCKYS ONETAP CONFIG 12.08.2019 Download: https://anonfile.com/94l1o8E4n9/-HvH-Lucky-_cfg Leave a Like
  5. Source prismatic.win v5 source leak

    so one of zprisms pasters gave this to me and i dont give a fuck about the source so have fun (the most recent prismatic) https://anonfile.com/78N2a769n5/Prismatic_V5_Source_rar no hide because people are gonna rename paste anyway so why slow them down i dont give a fuck about leeching so...
  6. smoke

    Crack ynku.cc leak

  7. Planty

    Crack Balaur.cc Source

    Its a leaked source of a paid cheat, probs all pasted so not worth money but its ok for hvh. Source Only! Video Proof: Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/81f6232e457beb4f49f77929f5bdb40dfbb95263904266d255884dcfb2b441aa/detection