1. OTC (v3) Very good HvH cfg for otc3 with js cord

    Very well balanced cfg good for auto and scout.
  2. inspectortrapget

    JS script Neverlose V2 Visuals for OTC V3

    Script that makes your OTC visuals looks almost exactly like Neverlose. It is completely free updated version of original script.
  3. Onetap Original (v4) [OTC3]looking for force safepoint js

    i need force safepoint because im missing head because of anti brute
  4. Onetap Original (v4) [OTCv3] Scout config for 1tapping

    u can add dodge brute and low delata js so ppl with scout will miss more leave a like plz
  5. Onetap Original (v4) 577777 OTC Config Leaked + JS

    Good config for OTC. 577777 Configs + JS
  6. Onetap Original (v4) closed