1. luishuawei

    Undetected LiteInjector

    Injector property: I don't know Instructions 1.open csgo 2.open liteinjector 3. Drag your favorite dll 4.Select the csgo process 5. inject 6. enjoy
  2. shafrooll

    Undetected Mega injector 12.0

    WINDOWS 7 (OK) WINDOWS 8 (OK) WINDOWS 8.1 (OK) WINDOWS 10 (OK) By: SHAFROOLL (BR) VURUSTOTAL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8b7107dd204b135e46cb644e17d7e09b4024437d08fd5120820f16b068142eda/detection
  3. Undetected FREE Cheat Injector by Jakkis [10.4.2019]

    Update when detected but now is Undetected and working WORKING PPHUD WORKING ALL .DLL CHeATS TUTORIAL: