1. DarwinRoot

    Undetected Vac Injector For CS GO (Bypass Anti-Cheat VAC)

    Hello everyone, today I will provide you with an injector for cs go that bypasses the anti-cheat vak and its calls with hooks that will allow you to inject injection safely and it is many times better than other injectors I assure you and guarantee Download Vac Injector Virustotal (Check Virus)...
  2. DarwinRoot

    Guide How To Make Your Own Injector for CS GO (Bypassing The Anti-Cheat VAC)

    Hello everyone, in this video you will learn how to make your own injector for the game cs go that bypasses the anti-cheat VAC by moving 5 bytes and all this for free! The Source Code of the Injector:
  3. Vindeta

    FET Loader - undetected loader with VAC bypass

    Welcome everyone! Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite loader's with VAC bypass for Counter-Strike:Global-Offensive. Cheats included in this loader always updates after CS:GO got an update too.So do not need to worrie about searching for updated .dll It is a loader with open source...
  4. Quendi

    Undetected INFOCHEATS.NET injector [08.06.2020]

    Infocheats Injector — uses manualmap injection method which allows use different unprotected DLL's. This injector has simply UI and should be easy to understand for the common user. How to use: The DLL must be in the same folder as the injector. Open an inject when the game is open. Enter...
  5. boon

    Undetected Neutron Injector FREE [08/03/2020]

    Me and a few others have been developing a reliable and VAC-free injector for CS:GO or any other game. It is called Neutron Injector I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out using the link below: Click Here
  6. YuQu

    Undetected [UPD: 22.06.21] YuQu loader | Free CSGO Cheats

    A loader for CS:GO that can quickly and conveniently inject cheat into the game. No need to download cheats, just download YuQu and select the cheat. You can inject your dll directly into the loader! Configs can be installed in the loader with one click, they will be downloaded and installed...
  7. unsigned

    Undetected Windows-Tweaker | Инжектор для Counter Strike: GO

    Приветствую Вас, сегодня хочу вам рассказать о таком инжекторе как Windows-Tweaker сделанный разработчиками Witech. Это ещё сырая версия программы, в дальнейшем подвергнется большим изменениям. Открытый бета тест данного инжектора, заключается в том, что бы выявить баги и недоработки, а так-же...
  8. RE$PECT

    Undetected 404Squad Injector CS:GO

    Actually, let's start the story. This is an injector of dll files for CS: GO. It seems to be simple, what can he hide in himself? 1. The injector is protected against VAC. 2. A simple and convenient interface in which it will be easy to navigate. 3. Change themes. At the moment there are only 4...
  9. DREDD

    Undetected Jojoware – Internal/External CS:GO Cheats

    Features: Aimbot - FOV based and with smoothRCS (Included in Aimbot) GlowEsp - HP based All different Glowstyles BunnyHop RadarHack ClrRender Chams dwModelAmbient Chams RankReveal Triggerbot - Toggle or hold A .ini file which saves all your offsets so you dont have to recompile it after an...
  10. shafrooll

    Undetected Mega injector 12.0

  11. Vaseliinikives

    Undetected Loader for PPHUD.

    Since PPHUD's Loader is detected, i decided to make a undetected loader for it. Protected with junk code and VM Protect. Must be run as admin or dll won't download. Download: Virustotal...
  12. Vindib

    Undetected Free Cheat INJECTOR by V1ND18

    My injector for cs:go Inject method - ManualMapping The injector is written in c# This Injector does not work with protected dll This is my old injector. I'm leaking because I lost access to the source code. App design and country flag's matches are random:kappa: *** Hidden text: You do not...
  13. DREDD

    Source Download CS:GO Hack Project — Simple Base

    What this solution contains: Cheat Injector Shared library Easy to use address helper with 32/64 bit support Helper when dealing with bitflags Easing ( Formatting library Simply list gui Hashing helper VMT hooking class Input handler Log helper Various math functions...
  14. DREDD

    Use at own risk Xenos Injector

    Xenos Windows dll injector. Based on Blackbone library - GitHub Release