1. Crack Interium fixed (2019)

    :oops: :oops: :oops: super interium fix it's old interium from 2019, when it been a free *original thread*
  2. Can someone Fix This lua ?

    client.set_event_callback("on_enemy_kill", function() surface.play_sound("path + filename") --e.g surface.play_sound("C:\žolo2.mp3") end)
  3. Use at own risk fatality fix 2020

    fatality crack fixed - vt - ss -
  4. Question Mindmg xy0

    How to fix mindmg in xy0 cuz AWP shoot on 20-30 dmg with hitchance - 80 mindmg - 90
  5. xMadMax

    Malware #Archive

    Working 27.12.2019 credits to xxximirus (for the fix) Fix possible Crashes/Bugs : Enable Multi-core processing/Multicore rendering If still crashing or ESP is not working try this : To specify the startup parameters -disable_d3d9ex Staff: Malware
  6. xKHD

    [FIX] Autoscope for OT v2 crack + cfg

    Since many of u don't know how to fix this I'll tell you! U need to turn off autoscope for all your preset weapons, the only autoscope that should be on is your "default" one. I would appriciate a like and lemme know if u have any questions! :cool: For those who doesn't understand, can just use...
  7. Use at own risk stickrpg(full fix for last update cs go)

    IMPORTANT! 1. Unzip the archive, install both fonts from the archive. 2. To throw the csgo folder where your game with replacement (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive). 3. Set cs go launch options: - language english 4. In the game options, enable multi-core...
  8. veru_cmd0

    can someone fix

    can someone fix for updated csgo? plssssssss if u have fix, put it in this thread <3
  9. DREDD

    Source Download source CS:GO cheat Ayyware[Remastered] — Epic-ayyware

    Functional: LegitBot RageBot ESP Skinchanger(Knifechanger doesnt work) Misc *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  10. DREDD

    Article Fast Bombplant

    This function will help you set the bomb much faster. Without this fix, in order to planting a bomb, it was necessary to run through a significant part of the site, but now this will not happen. Before After void FixedBombPlant(CUserCmd* cmd){ if (!(cmd->buttons & IN_USE) &&...
  11. DREDD

    Fixing Box ESP — Fortnite

    drawOutlinedRect(entity.x - width + 1, top.y + 1, entity.x + width - 1, entity.y - 1); drawOutlinedRect(entity.x - width - 1, top.y - 1, entity.x + width + 1, entity.y + 1); drawFilledRect(entity.x - width, top.y, entity.x + width, entity.y);
  12. DREDD

    Article Fixing bones

    Here's what the problem looked like before: void BuildBones( EntityRecord_t* record, C_CSEntity* target ) { auto hdr = target->m_pUnknown(); if ( !hdr ) return; auto accessor = target->m_BoneAccessor(); if ( !accessor ) return; auto oldBones =...