1. Use at own risk xy0 Source + DLL -- Updated 24.3.2020 (DOWNLOAD)

    You might see stuff about some "Tapcore". Basically it was a paste I was making. Here is the download! Virustotal: Detection - DLL Engines Detected - 24 / 70 Those are false positives. This is not a virus. I included the source so you can look that its not a virus.
  2. xMadMax

    Malware #Archive

    Working 27.12.2019 credits to xxximirus (for the fix) Fix possible Crashes/Bugs : Enable Multi-core processing/Multicore rendering If still crashing or ESP is not working try this : To specify the startup parameters -disable_d3d9ex Staff: Malware
  3. DREDD

    Source Internal hack for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | R6 Hack

    GitHub: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  4. DREDD

    Crack 2019 | Newest crack

    Greetings, present to you a new crack — FATALITY.WIN. Download VirusTotal Some CFG
  5. Ev7Cheats

    -Xane's Latest Aimware Config- LEAK BY EV7CHEATS

    XANES AIMWARE CONFIG Got it from a big friend from him. Leave a like <3 Download:
  6. Ev7Cheats

    Use at own risk Nanosense ~Legit Version

    Nanosense Beta ~Legit Version _____________________________________________ 08.12.2019 - Update ~Double Glow Visuals ~Fixed Weapon Glow ~Backtrack adjustment up to 200ms _____________________________________________...
  7. DREDD

    Outdated Crack — Best Private HVH Hack Free Instructions: Run the attached "onetap.exe" injector to inject "onetap.dll" or, if you're paranoid, inject "onetap.dll" with an injector of your choice. we really don't care. Download | VT1 | VT2 | VT3 | CFG
  8. DREDD

    Source Apex — Item ESP (Glow)

    if (ents[i].pEntity) { char name[0x20]; ZeroMemory(name, 20); DoRead(hDriver, tRequestGetInfo.qwProcessID, ents[i].pEntity + 0x508, &name_pointer, 8); if (name_pointer) { DoRead(hDriver, tRequestGetInfo.qwProcessID, name_pointer, &name, 20); if (!strcmp(name...
  9. DREDD

    Source NoName hack CS:GO

    Not very rich and simple functionality, but a cool menu, someone can pick it up. I think for the base for your cheat you can take it. GitHub
  10. DREDD

    Source Download TheSharpestInternal — CS:GO Source on С#

    Internal Source GitHub
  11. DREDD

    Use at own risk Mercury - Free CS:GO Legit Hack

    Function: Aim Visual Skin Misc Config | VT | Download
  12. DREDD

    Undetected Free HvH Cheat — Download

    Ragebot Anti-Aim Visuals Misc *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  13. DREDD

    Source Download source CS:GO HVH cheat — NoName pasted

    Function: ⸰ Legit ⸰ Rage ⸰ Anti-Aim ⸰ Visual ⸰ Misc ⸰ Skins GitHub