1. gamerlol2015

    Outdated OTC Loader (injector) UNDETECTED | DLL Included!|

    OnetapCrack Loader with dll included OTC Loader (injector made by me) DLL INCLUDED I'm too lazy to write here so I already have a readme file : https://pastebin.com/wcpRtAVi DL Link: https://we.tl/t-teXxSsykZ4 VT...
  2. Question Dll to Source

    Hello i was wondering how to see and edit dlls source code Is there some way to do it?
  3. Use at own risk xy0 Source + DLL -- Updated 24.3.2020 (DOWNLOAD)

    You might see stuff about some "Tapcore". Basically it was a paste I was making. Here is the download! Virustotal: Detection - DLL Engines Detected - 24 / 70 Those are false positives. This is not a virus. I included the source so you can look that its not a virus.
  4. boon

    Undetected Neutron Injector FREE [08/03/2020]

    Me and a few others have been developing a reliable and VAC-free injector for CS:GO or any other game. It is called Neutron Injector I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out using the link below: Click Here
  5. YuQu

    Undetected [UPD: 17.05.2021] YuQu Loader

    A loader for CS:GO that can quickly and conveniently inject cheat into the game. No need to download cheats, just download YuQu and select the cheat. You can inject your dll directly into the loader! Configs can be installed in the loader with one click, they will be downloaded and installed...
  6. Undetected The Best hvh Cheats 2020

    Download The Best Cheats For 2020 - https://discord.gg/HCUvzah SS -
  7. Ev7Cheats

    Use at own risk Nanosense ~Legit Version

    Nanosense Beta ~Legit Version _____________________________________________ 08.12.2019 - Update ~Double Glow Visuals ~Fixed Weapon Glow ~Backtrack adjustment up to 200ms _____________________________________________...
  8. grimware/gam$neeze leaked dlls

    both of these cheats are terrible xy0 pastes. s/o to the original owner for running my rat s/o to sau for being there dl: https://anonfile.com/m4SeCf34n1/lol_rar alt dl: https://www65.zippyshare.com/v/8CbUWHzo/file.html vt...
  9. DREDD

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    OneTap.su Free Instructions: Run the attached "onetap.exe" injector to inject "onetap.dll" or, if you're paranoid, inject "onetap.dll" with an injector of your choice. we really don't care. Download | VT1 | VT2 | VT3 | CFG