1. Good desync

    void new_antiaim::desync(bool& send_packet) { if (!g_local || !g_local->is_alive()) return; //run lby lby_prediction_run(); if (!g_options.newaa_fake_master) return; float side = g_options.newaa_fake_invert_toggle ? -1.f : 1.f; if...
  2. 0x01

    Guide Legit AA / Desync tutorial

    This guide is assuming that you have the necessary stuff (createmove hook, usercmd class etc.) warning, this may be wrong, if it is feel free to correct me. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** EDIT: UPDATED! might be slightly...
  3. shafrooll

    Help good Chams Desync no Flick

    wanted a code where the chams is stopped with the fake and is not flicking
  4. Source Desync with Lby breaker

    if(!bsendpacket) { if(lbyupdate) cmd->viewangle -= ;//flick direction of desync ( range 100 - 150) else cmd->viewangle -= ;//when there is no lby update //make sure your choked viewangle is completely opposite to your lby angle. } else { cmd->viewangle.y -= ;//desync...
  5. Quendi

    Source Correcting fakelag after fake angle patch

    Most of the explanation for this is in the code itself. Please note that this only works with the current state of cs go packet handling and networking, refer to how players are simulated on the server now vs before the fake angle patch (Now all commands get simulated). Now that we know this...