1. DREDD

    Source Download CS:GO Hack Project — Simple Base

    What this solution contains: Cheat Injector Shared library Easy to use address helper with 32/64 bit support Helper when dealing with bitflags Easing (https://easings.net/en) Formatting library Simply list gui Hashing helper VMT hooking class Input handler Log helper Various math functions...
  2. DREDD

    Article Fixing bones

    Here's what the problem looked like before: void BuildBones( EntityRecord_t* record, C_CSEntity* target ) { auto hdr = target->m_pUnknown(); if ( !hdr ) return; auto accessor = target->m_BoneAccessor(); if ( !accessor ) return; auto oldBones =...
  3. DREDD

    Article ChatPrintF

    Initialize g_ChatElement g_ChatElement = FindHudElement<CHudChat>("CHudChat"); Initialize class CHudChat: class CHudChat { public: void ChatPrintf(int iPlayerIndex, int iFilter, const char* fmt, ...) { call_vfunc<void(__cdecl*)(void*, int, int, const char*, ...)>(this...
  4. DREDD

    Undetected Internal/External hack CS:GO

    Main function: Aimbot TriggerBot ESP Bhop *ESP supports full-screen windowed mode ONLY; The aimbot DOES NOT work on faceit. Please keep in mind that this hack uses line count to determine which string value setting is stored where in memory. If your process you injected into crashes...