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  1. DarwinRoot

    Undetected Vac Injector For CS GO (Bypass Anti-Cheat VAC)

    Hello everyone, today I will provide you with an injector for cs go that bypasses the anti-cheat vak and its calls with hooks that will allow you to inject injection safely and it is many times better than other injectors I assure you and guarantee Download Vac Injector Virustotal (Check Virus)...
  2. Question I am still crashing after changing to client.dll

    I crash every time i take up an AWP or a Sniper... The game works fine until I use a sniper.
  3. Question help me

    when i open normal cs the game does not crasha but when i inject my cheat my game crasha and closes. This began to happen just today! Does anyone know what it may be or how to solve?
  4. RE$PECT

    Undetected 404Squad Injector CS:GO

    Actually, let's start the story. This is an injector of dll files for CS: GO. It seems to be simple, what can he hide in himself? 1. The injector is protected against VAC. 2. A simple and convenient interface in which it will be easy to navigate. 3. Change themes. At the moment there are only 4...