1. inspectortrapget

    Source SoftON Hack Source Code. Source of whole project (Cheat, Loader, Backend)

    SoftON Hack was a private Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio cheat. Original project founder and developer just leaked his source code today so it available for everyone! Cheat itself currently up-to-date and undetected!
  2. inspectortrapget

    Undetected Osiris - Free CS:GO Cheat. Download cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free!

    Osiris is a popular free and open-source internal Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat. It is actively used as a base for many other free cheats. Here you can find source code and compiled cheat DLL below. Status: Undetected Source Code Virus Total for Binary
  3. inspectortrapget

    Source Singlefile — Internal CS:GO Cheat. Download free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat source

    Singlefile — Cheat's name speaks for itself. Yep, there's 853 lines of code in one file and it is fully featured Counter-Strike: Global Offensive internal cheat. Status: Unknown (Untested on secure servers) Github
  4. inspectortrapget

    Guide CS:GO Teleport Hack. Works on 1 March 2021!

    CS:GO Teleport Hack 2021 So this night few guys found a bug that allows you to stay on the point after round ending. It doesn't work on matchmaking and wingman but it still can be useful on retake and community servers. I also upload for you JS for Onetap V3 that makes it much easier. (All...
  5. inspectortrapget

    Undetected CS:GO Fake Opening. Fake your openings!

    Fake crates opening for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This tool allows you to choose, create and open unlimited crates and capsules by using created key, you can also manage fake opening chances (knife chances, stattrak chances, factory new chances). It is only visual, so you will not...
  6. inspectortrapget

    Undetected External CS:GO Multihack. Download free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat

    Simple external multihack for CS:GO. Status: Undetected Virus Total for VAMemory.dll Virus Total for Discord.exe
  7. inspectortrapget

    Undetected Lizac — Free CS:GO cheat. Download cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Lizac — Public Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat, built in Node JS with electron. Most of the actual logic written in C++. Status: Undetected (Was never detected since release) Lizac requires installed python and NodeJS! Credits: LizzyThePone