1. Vindeta

    Source Neverlose version 1 nade prediction

    Hello everyone! Today i will share with you a soucre of Neverlose v1 grenade prediction. This code works :) and you might say that this is not NL nade prediction But anyway. It looks pretty similar. + description of code in Russian as a present! Also! You can find more cheat sources at out...
  2. DREDD

    Article Hack Speed, No Breath — PUBG Lite

    Last update: 17.12. Speed hack: detected No Breath: undetected Additional: if you enable speed hack, not crawl on ground. otherwise you will eat cheese ban. Do not exceed the maximum speed. (670.f[min.] -- 1000.f[max.]) Speed hack: if (LocalPawn != NULL) { int Min_WalkSpeed...
  3. DREDD

    Source Some functions for PUBG Lite [Lua]

    No recoil function WriteSignatures(targetSignature, overrideSignature, codePage) local byteLine = overrideSignature:gsub("%w+", "0x%0,"):sub(1,-2) local results = AOBScan(targetSignature, codePage) if (results == nil) then return end for i = 0, results.Count-1 do local address =...
  4. DREDD

    Source PUBG Lite – All value of objects

    ITEM:1000 : game_item_short_id : 1000 item_id : 1000 name : BP ITEM:10001 : game_item_short_id : 10001 item_id : 10001 name : Çaylak ITEM:10002 : game_item_short_id : 10002 item_id : 10002 name ...
  5. DREDD

    Article CS:GO — Hud update alternative

    If you want to avoid using signatures, then you should bool __fastcall hkGetBool_cl_hud_bomb_under_radar(PVOID pConVar, PVOID edx) { ULONG HUDWeaponInterface = 0; __asm mov HUDWeaponInterface, EBX; stack* pEBP; __asm mov pEBP, ebp; typedef int(__thiscall...