1. Guide Free user verification system

    cAuth is a user authentication system with file upload function, server variables and end-to-end encryption. You can use it for free and get a good experience. It is currently free for advanced users, you can contact me. You can use it in software and cheating, please visit our website for more...
  2. DREDD

    Source External hack for Valorant [C++]

    That hack has Health ESP, Name ESP, Distance ESP. Using this source you can figure out how this works and create own hack on the basis this. Source
  3. DREDD

    Article Hack Speed, No Breath — PUBG Lite

    Last update: 17.12. Speed hack: detected No Breath: undetected Additional: if you enable speed hack, not crawl on ground. otherwise you will eat cheese ban. Do not exceed the maximum speed. (670.f[min.] -- 1000.f[max.]) Speed hack: if (LocalPawn != NULL) { int Min_WalkSpeed...