bypass the ban by hwid in apex legends

  1. inspectortrapget

    Guide Apex Legends Ban Bypass Method. How to bypass Apex Legends ban?

    There's a really simple bypass method that allows you to play Apex Legends on banned accounts. It works for a very long time (using this method few months ago and it still works) so I think it wouldn't be fixed soon. You can write a script that will automate this process. Good luck!

    Article How to bypass the ban by HWID in Apex Legends. How to unban an account in Apex Legends?

    A small guide on how to remove the ban by HWID in Apex Legends 1. Turn off Origin. 2. Restaring moder / router (we must change our IP-adress, only for those who have a dynamic IP-adress) or use VPN / proxy. 3. We change the MAC address, with the help of the TMAC program — there are enough...