Crawling system (prone)

UE4 Asset Crawling system (prone)


Last 4.26 version.


  • Spline based routes
  • First & Third person character examples + AI
  • Simple IK hand placement setup (hands adapt to the ground height)
  • Examples for all
  • Ground detection for first person arms
  • Option to rotate by ground detection or spline point rotation
  • Visual debugging options
  • Double or single direction routes
  • Per instance exit limit distance (distance to the end for the player to "take off", for both sides independently)
  • Per instance exit location (Where the player will move automatically when exiting)
  • Auto interaction when approaching the entrance/exit
  • Forward and backwards movement (backwards movement can be disabled per route)
  • Configurable speed (independent for moving forward/backward)
  • Camera shake on movement (is not an actual camera shake but rotation applied based on bone rotation, so you can control it from within the animation)
  • Arm/Body animations can't be stopped half the way (animation always ensures both hands are on ground)
  • Arms/Body are orientated to the direction of the spline, letting you create routes of any kind
  • Camera limits

Technical Details​

For component based system, use Unreal Engine 4.24+
For the legacy system, use the Unreal Engine versions 4.22 or 4.23

Number of Blueprints: 3 Characters (FP, TP and AI) + 1 component + 1 interface + 3 enums + 3 routes (base + 2 examples)
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: All
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